The Amazing budget bucket still set - Essentials only

All the parts to necessary to build the amazing still. This kit comes with our pre-set automatic heater.

Includes following products:
1 pcs Plastic Fermenter 25 L, holds 32 liter
1 pcs Transparent 14 Liter bucket
1 pcs Lid 31.7 cm PP-plastic
1 pcs Small bucket, 1.45 Liter
1 pcs Fermentation lock, odor free
1 pcs Extra lid with manchette for Wine Fermenter PP
1 pc 220 Volt Heater 100W term. 50°C Auto, EU-plug
1 pcs Sodium Carbonate 200g

Plus essences:
1 pcs Hunters Schnapps
1 pcs PR Extra Dark Jamaican Rum
1 pcs Toffee Caramel Candy Shot

In stock

Includes all parts necessary to build the Amazing still.

Includes our pre-set automatic heater 

The Amazing still is one of the easiest stills to use. Small, air cooled, odor free, passive operation. Turn it on and leave it by itself to do its work without supervision. Safe, simple, yet delivers high quality alcohol that just need a little extra polishing with activated carbon to become a clean neutral vodka.

Thanks to the clever use of low temperature evaporation instead of boiling this still can produce high quality alcohol without the use of expensive copper or stainless materials.

Perfect for size for a household.

This kit contains all parts for the still,  if you already have carbon filter equipment and a fermenter this kit will all you need to get you started.

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